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Dr. T. D. Stubblefield served as the Senior Pastor-Teacher of the First Baptist Church of Chesterfield, Missouri from February 2000 through March 2020 where he retired as Pastor Emeritus, the first in the church’s storied history. Prior to joining First Baptist Church of Chesterfield, Dr. Stubblefield served as Pastor-Teacher of the First Baptist Church of Georgetown, Kentucky for 17 years.

An avid student of the Word and dynamic preacher-teacher, Dr. Stubblefield is frequently sought after as a conference speaker and revivalist in the United States and abroad, including special missions to Israel and the Republic of South Africa. From October 2007 through March 2020, thousands heard his voice throughout the St. Louis metropolitan region each Sunday via FBCC’s Forward in Faith weekly radio broadcast on BOTT Christian Radio Network. His newest program, Meaningful Moments with Dr. T. D. Stubblefield, launched on the Network in July 2020 and airs daily on both A.M. and F.M. stations.

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Sacred Seed & Living Bread is a collection of articles that relate principles of the Word of God to everyday life inside and outside the church.

One of the troubling signs of our times is the skepticism of the Bible as the ultimate source of spiritual and moral authority. This is certainly true of the culture at large, but it is a growing concern in the contemporary church as well.

Sacred Seed & Living Bread seeks to positively reverse this trend and encourage Christians, especially pastors and church leaders, to reaffirm their commitment to the Word of God as the timeless elixir for all that ails humanity, and as the unmatched authority in the church for all matters of faith and practice. Only upon this solid foundation can today’s church truly be salt and light to a broken world and to broken people.


Just Cutting It Straight 1 and 2 are compilations of key Old and New Testament passages for preaching and teaching. The narratives, history, poetry, prophecies, gospels, and letters that comprise the sixty-six books of the Bible speak with timeless relevance to our contemporary situation. They are magnificent mirrors that reflect our images as flawed, finite, fragile, and fickle creatures yet fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. But they are also wide windows that we can look through and survey the panoramic horizon of promise and possibility which is inherent in the salvation plan that has its inception in the Old Testament but finds its fulfillment in the New. These outlines can help preachers and teachers animate and amplify the apprehension and application of the Word of God to our ever-changing life situations


Riding the Wave – Leading the Local Church from Message to Mission is a narrative of biblical, spiritual, communication, and relational principles that will inform and inspire pastors and other leaders as they seek to impact and transform churches and organizations. It is a preaching and leadership model that can be used by pastors as a tool to mobilize their congregations around the vision and mission that God has placed in their hearts. The meager but meaningful offerings in its pages are colored, choreographed, and contextualized by the author’s own unique cultural, corporate, and congregational experiences. The perspectives are admittedly autobiographical but the insights are relevant and relatable to any sincere and interested pastor’s pursuit of excellence and effectiveness in ministry.


Meaningful Moments – A 31 Day Journey is a series of contemporary parables relating biblical truths to life and ministry. Each meaningful moment is a traffic signal and an invitation to slow down and look both ways at the intersection where life intersects faith in sometimes subtle yet searingly substantial and significant ways.”

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